Monday, February 7, 2011

a spin off from Rosencrants and Guildenstern

sometime in your life, you must have learned that someday you will die. i don't remember that life changing thought, like so many other moments in my life that slipped through the cracks, but if must have been shattering. what a scary thought for a creature too young to understand. so fresh from birth. so far from a fear that seems so strange, so impossible; to not be. to not exist. or maybe it's not so far as we think. maybe tomorrow, maybe the next 20 minutes. our moment of life in the eternity of this world IS tomorrow, IS the next 20 minutes. we must seize every moment that sparkles before us and not let it pass with "should haves" and "would haves." our life is a blip in a time line, filled with numerous blips of the ones before us. but why does it feel so long? here i am, 17 years into my life, a life that is the only thing I've ever known. a life filled with my concerns. it feels like i could go on forever. but there must have been a moment where i learned that no one goes on forever. emperors, farmers, video game designers, dentists, lawyers, teachers. they're all the same when the lights go out. no one can escape. the only thing that separates us is the life we live. whether your 20 minutes in the game of life was filled with something that makes you more. and the clock keeps ticking and your 20 minutes is up and you look back on your life filled with failed tests, ripped jeans, 1st kisses, parties, broken shoelaces, and midnights text messages. but also filled with smiles to strangers, comforting a friend, and sharing pringles. you should look back on your life and ask "what didn't i do for someone?" you should know, as surely as you know that you will die, that you have lived.

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