Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 7

#6 well.... today is pretty challenging. oh world of blogging.. can you do it!?!? i believe in you. today... (drumroll) i am taking on the challenge of giving out 50 compliments. i am usually really bad at complements and they come out wrong and it's just bad... but! i am determined to make this work. :) there is no downside to complimenting people! none! unless you're being innapropriate or just dumb... and that's your owndarnfault. you feel good about saying something nice, they feel good about you saying something nice about them and then we find a cure to cancer and end world hunger! see? the miraculous things you could do with compliments? endless, i tell you. endless! giving out compliments has to be sincere and heartfelt. no sarcasm please. :) doing this helps you to focus on people's good qualities, attributes, hairstyle, makeup, pants, whathaveyou. and it's just fun to be girly and silly and tell people you like their face (unless you're a guy... don't act girly if you are...) good luck oh world of blogging.

alright... so i don't think i gave out exactly 50... so i'm doing it again today! i kinda slacked off yesterday... sorry... i let you all down.. all 4 of you (yes! i have four followers now! it's a miracle!) so wish me luck as i try try again!

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