Saturday, August 18, 2012

summer's lullabies

as every moment passes, it becomes a memory. Unobtainable by any mortal. you, two minutes ago, can never be again. you, a months ago, can never be again. but i can look back. and remember. remember how we were. as the moments pass, and become memories, the moments ahead are the future. but the near future passes, and then is a memory. and so goes the moments of our lives. i could say that the future -that is, the next five seconds- with you is what i'm looking forward to. but as soon as the thought escapes my lips, it becomes a memory. and so, my love, as you and I sit here, and as we let the moments pass and become things that we can look back on with fondness, i think of how i wish i could capture those moments and put them in a jar. moments -memories- so beautiful, they deserve a special place on my mantle. but, my love, they are too tender, too sacred to me to put where the prying eyes of the world can see them. if you want them with you, i will put them in my heart, for i gave it to you completely long ago.