Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 3

#3 challenge threeeeeee! (i try to get myself excited for em) today i want to let go of all grudges. there is a kid in some of my classes who just DRIVES ME CRAZY. (not in the good way) i just seriously want to scratch his eyes out. he has said some very rude and nasty things. and every time i see him, i remember all those things he has said to me and i give him the cold shoulder. a veryveryvery cold shoulder. i just need to sit cross-legged in a meditating state and breathe deeply, and just forgive him. it is soooo hard! and whenever i argue with my parents or my siblings i ALWAYS bring up old arguments. holding grudges doesn't do anything for anyone. if we live in a world where we don't forgive, we will live in a world with no trust. and that would be very scary. if someone has hurt you, it may take a while to forgive. take your time. but don't hold on to something that will rot your insides with hate. there is a book by Corrie Ten Boom called "the hiding place". it is one of the most inspiring books i have ever read. it is about a christian woman who was put in a concentration camp where her sister died. she was able to survive, keep her faith in God, and forgive those who put her in the camp. she is an amazing woman, and although we come from different faiths, i hope to be like her one day. the hardest part of forgiving is forgiving yourself. beating yourself up about something that happened years ago doesn't do any good. we live for today. take rafiki's words "put the past behind you". ask for forgiveness from the one you hurt, your god, and then yourself. then try to make up for what you hurt. that's the best you can do. well, i've taken up a lot of space, so.... forgive everyone. including yourself. give yourself and others a new chance. after all, it's a new day. ;)

i didn't want to argue with anyone that day. it gives everyone a chance when you forgive them. i loved looking at everyone with new eyes. they were so different. i wasn't mad at anyone. this is a challenge that i will have to work on though.... there are some people that hurt you so badly, you don't want to forgive. letting go of all your anger is difficult. after all, we're only human (that's a good song by the way, Human by Jon McLaughlin. look it up. now.) but i think to be able to change and to become a better person, you just have to let some things go...

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