Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 11

#11 are we into the double digits now? righteous! (apparently i didn't notice that on day 10...) so today, you will have to go through the day cutting back on all the times you say I, ME, MY, all that stuff. talk about others. people really like talking about themselves... (everyone (i'm pretty sure) is really self-centered (not like that's a bad thing, we just have our interests on top priority)) so talk to some one about them, ask them questions, they will love taling about themselves and they will think you're the best person in the world. my mom is really good at this. she is the most selfless person ever. she always asks questions on how I am doing. focus on others and maybe you'll learn something interesting about some one... bonus points to anyone who goes through the whole day without talking about themselves. :) you win... um... a smiiiiile! :)

alright. i didn't win a smile... i did talk about myself a bit... sorry! i'm a self-centered teen.. what can i say? but i had a nice chat with Matt Simmonds, whom i love. he's just great. but i think he's too cool for me. haha. but i learned some things about him that i didn't know. so that was fun :) i am interested in other people, what they do, their background, what they want to be. i think it's fascinating. i think there's a time in our lives when we think that everybody is like us. then we start to meet people and think... "wow, not everybody wants to save the rain forest" or "i had no idea not everyone liked oreos" (i found out that my friend doesn't like those and i nearly passed out) it's good to learn about what other people think. because, who knows? you might like someone's ideas better than yours. :)

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