Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 5

#4 this one is definetely the hardest one evah! you are not able to say anything rude about anyone. if you find yourself saying something bad about someone, try to find something good to say about them instead. speaking well of others shows good manners and just makes you act grown up. and you're saying, "but grown ups say bad things about others too!" ah, of course they do. growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. now you could take that phrase as being a rebel! and acting childish! your whole life. sure. do that. but grow up and speak well of others. when you put others down, it makes you look like you just want attention. others think poorly of you and it's just all around bad. so... don't do it.

this one WAS very hard... i would start bad mouthing someone, and then catch myself. my best friend likes to do these challenges with me. so i sent her a text that said we were to speak well of everybody. later she told me she got that test right after telling a story about how frustrated she was with her math teacher. haha :) i thought that was funny..... oh the irony. i know it's hard, but all these challenges are just about getting into the habit of things. people like friends who don't put others down and are kind and funny. :) so just... do it. another hard thing to not do is put yourself down "i'm so fat" "i'm so dumb" i hate it when people do that. my boyfriend does that sometimes, and i tell him: "don't do that!!!" because he's wonderful and i like him the way he is. there are three reasons why people would do that: #1 they are so use to putting others down, they start doing it to themselves #2 they have a low self-esteem and really think that about themselves, or #3 they are fishing for compliments. "oh, i'm so fat" just begs for a friend to say "oh no you're not! you're sooo beautiful!!" every person is wonderful and shouldn't put them or others down.

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