Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the dream

you breathe in and out. so deeply. so steadily. as if breathing to the rhythm of your soul's lullaby. i watch. with eyes so tired. with heart hoping. it is so easy for you. i touch your arm. warm. the peace on your face would suggest an eternal sleep, but the steady steady breathing -oh how i covet it- betrays you. i soften my thoughts, i calm my heart. but it is the breathing i cannot match. in. then out. then in. then out. my body, my actual soul, yearns to escape as you have, but it eludes me. it escapes just when i think i have it cornered. and then, instead of setting my breathing to match yours, i find your gentle, heartbeat and set mine to yours. i intertwine my thoughts with yours... and i not only find sleep, but my eternity. in you.