Thursday, March 8, 2012

what i would do if i had the time and money to do it

travel. to europe - italy, germany, denmark, spain. russia. asia - thailand, vietnam, japan, singapore. south america - brazil, argentina, chile. Africa - egypt, nigeria.
serve. homeless shelters, disabled and disfigured children, schools in 3rd world countries, tri, operation smile, walk dogs, volunteer at libraries, read to the old and lonely, visit children's hospitals, plant gardens, donate blood.
cook. spaghetti, bread, cookies, make pasta, throw pizza dough in the air, poach an egg, figure out what creme brulee is, grow spices, grow vegetables, make pies, mac and cheese from scratch, make cheese from scratch,
eat. all of the above. fresh fruit, pasta, crazy cheeses, ice cream, pudding, bread, 
experience. owning a chicken, the pyramids, the concentration camps, the salt flats, falling in love, driving a lamborghini, holding a freshly born baby, sleeping all day, meet the prophet, fly in a helicopter, see the northern lights, stalk a band, meet mika,
learn. human psychology, how to knit, how to speak chinese, what love is, how the human body works, what Isaiah means,  how to sew, kung fu, how to speak italian, how to samba,
read. the great classics, the obvious authors, shakespeare, austen, hemingway, cristie, the old testament, jesus the  christ, conference talks, a tale of two cities, little books no one's ever heard of,
create. music, clothes, food, friends, ideas, programs, a book, a poem, an original thought... a life lived.

this list will be added to :)