Sunday, September 30, 2012

something new

 the mother. growing. looks down with warmth. "she's a part of me. a part of us." a glow. a light. something new.
the father. protecting. puts a hand on her stomach. "like our parents before us" we are part of it. the bigger picture. the biggest picture. not just rushed up in it all, but part of it. each moment. something new. we find in each other that thing we desire most. to love and be loved. and when that love is strong enough, when it becomes too much for just the two of us, we create. together. so our love becomes three. then four. and it goes on. we are all part of it. and when we look up and think "it goes on out there" we feel the heavy weight of responsibility. the godliness. we too, are creators. a glow. a light. something new.