Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The next two years

a crowded room
a crescent moon
i flash a smile
when i see you

bright blue eyes
my heart, it sighs
a crowded room
too many lies

i pretend
my heart will mend
when you are gone
that i will fend

but in the night
my heart takes flight
and returns to you
to that cowded room

alone were we
in that sea
a thousand friends
we couldn't see

when we're apart
i tell my heart
too many lies
for me to chart

a lie or two
i tell to you
that i'll be fine
and you will too

moments in my mind
are frozen in time
i'll never forget
you were mine

still in my dreams
and in life, so it seems
i'm still in that room
i'm still with you

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