Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 8

#8 are we already on number eight? i have to admit... i missed a few days so it's not really DAY 8... more like challenge 8. this is not going to be a day challenge. it's going to be an on-going-never-ending-totally-awesome-challenge!!! it's the no-complaining challenge. now i want you to get a bracelet. preferably one of those stretchy arm-band-type-things. (know what i'm talkin bout?) now put it on your right wrist. when you go through a day and don't complain at all, you can move it to your left hand! isn't this exciting!? complaining is always annoying, and i'm guilty of it more than i would like to admit... i think that when we start complaining about something, we automatically have a worse attitude about it. do everything with a happy heart :) complaining won't make the thing go away, it'll only make you hate it more.

don't think i have forgotten about you, oh world of blogs. i still have my bracelet on! it's like... the third day.. and i'm doing pretty good! :) (i have my wrist band on and everything! it says "be an example of the believers" haha) i have noticed that when i don't focus on my blog and what i'm writing about and the challenges.... i am not as happy. it makes me sad. haha so i want to work harder to post more stuff and work harder on all the challenges. (don't worry... i have a couple very good challenge ideas up my sleeve) i feel better when i don't complain though! it makes me see how good my life is and there really isn't anything to complain about. which is good! :) :) i have a friend... more of an acquaintence really... that just complains all the long-legged day! it really puts everybody in a bad mood and it's really annoying! so... oh world of blogging. don't get discouraged! keep those bracelets on! and your spirits up! after all... an attitude is contagious... is yours worth catching?! (yes, i got that off a poster in my 9th grade math class...)

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