Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days of Me

I am composed.
Like so many letters and sheets of music
Some of the notes are sweeter and more beautiful
Some give chills and tears
The notes are of boxes, shoes, and wanted things
I am a box packer
A mover of my things
I am a different city liver
A lover of bagels and cream cheese
A spicy food eater
I am a sasser and a user of sarcasm
I am composed of sweaters and trips to grandma’s house
I am a cooker and especially an eater
I am a wearer of jeans and band aids
A fearer of needles and water
A lover of lemonade and pillows
A sitter in the sunner
Like any composition, there are notes and there are rests
I am a composition that loves the rests, but always gets the notes

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