Friday, February 4, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 1

today is a great day to start my expedition. it's sunny and warmer than it's been in a while. there just seems to be a happy bounce to the air. the earth feels like it's vibrating. it knows that spring is coming. :) perfect for the beginning! a new life for the world, a new life for me:) so here's the first challenge:

#1 be grateful. tell everyone you meet that helps you, even if they just pick up your pen that you drop, thank you. be sincere. sarcasm doesn't count!! then, thank your God, your Allah, the universe, whatever you like, from the bottom of your heart. thank them for all they have given you. another day on this beautiful earth. a great family. macaroni and cheese. being healthy. being in love. whatever. :) just see everything and everyone as a gift, given to you this day. BE GRATEFUL. :)

ok.... so it went pretty well i think. :) i visited my sister in college and slept over in her dorm, so i was REALLY thankful for what i have ;) i was thankful for my car as i drove it ALL the way to provo and i was grateful for the beautiful day we had! it was eye opening to focus on the things i had, and not on the things i need. in this world, i think everybody is focused on getting stuff. stuff that clutters our lives and is kinda pointless. stuffstuffstuffstuffstuffstuff. STUFFit interSTUFFupts ourSTUFF livesSTUFF. every magazine, tv add and billboard makes you want to get more stuff. stuff comes and goes, but i'm just grateful for the things that never leave. :) like friendship, good memories, and the love that we share with everyone on the street. when you have the spirit of gratefulness in your heart, the world looks completely different and completely wonderful. it's just a matter of tuning your eyes and attitude to be grateful. :) when you see everything you have and are blessed with, the space in your heart that wants things for yourself will fill with the desire to give.

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