Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 2

#2 alriiiight! day two! lets go! today, i want to not judge anyone. you never know where anyone is coming from. just treat everyone like they're going through a hard time, and you'll probably be right. don't even judge the person who cuts you off on the street. ;) it'll be hard. but when you don't call people weird or dumb or wacked (or any other really bad words....) you stop seeing everybody through judgmental eyes, you begin to see that people are just people. (we're all related after all ;) imagine the worst experience you've ever been through. imagine what you looked like, imagine what you felt like. now put yourself in a grocery store when you're like that. would people look at you weird? would people judge? but nobody would know what you were going through. nobody. people are just people. don't judge.

so... i think i did pretty well. :) but! i was following my dad in his car because i was in a strange part of town and didn't want to get lost. so we're driving along and he passes through a light that JUST went orange (i call them orange lights. i know people call them yellow) by the time i got there it was just turning red. i ran a red light. AHHHH!!!! don't hunt me down popo! i swear it wasn't me! but i was hoping and praying that all the other cars weren't judging me and calling me bad names. it reminds me of all the times i've called people stupid for doing that. i guess i never know the whole story. i didn't really hang out with a lot of people. this guy that i used to like and who used to like me came over. i was with my boyfriend and he was with his girlfriend. it was kinda weird. and you know how when you don't have a crush on that person anymore at all but it's kinda the aftertaste of the crush? it was kinda like that. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love my bf. but it was still weird seeing that other guy with that other girl. let me tell ya, it was hard not to judge her. it was hard not to think badly of her. haha. and once i got over my first impressions and my want to find something bad about her, she seemed like a great girl. so i guess this leads to my next challenge.....

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