Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm grateful for the beauty of a brand new day. when you wake up early and it's chilly and you can see the pink and orange of the sun. you sit there, paralyzed. frozen in time. but time seems frozen too. thoughts rush to your head. fears. hopes. but mostly you feel a wild feeling of what could be. this morning. this day. so soft and pink. so new. you could do a million things. you could do anything.. if you dare. there's nothing like the gift of a day. this gift of time. you hope you can fill this day with something worthwhile. the earth, the heavens, gave you this day. isn't it sensible to give something back? give your smile. give your love. give your beliefs. give your hard work. give something worthy of this moment. you sit there. paralyzed. frozen in this moment in time. watching the sun break the horizon. watching a day being born. a new life. for you. for this world. a million thoughts rush to your head. what are you doing here waiting? go. do.

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