Tuesday, July 24, 2012

kinda cheesy pictures, but i love this song

20 Things I Learned From My Mom

  1. disrespect doesn't get you anywhere
  2. serving others is the quickest way to happiness
  3. be loud at all sport games, parades, and family outings
  4. make funny faces behind people as they are talking to other people. it's fun :D
  5. if someone says "merry christmas" too many times, it is acceptable to tell them to shut up
  6. when a really good song is playing, you are allowed to dance in the car, grocery store, or the kitchen counter
  7. that which you persist in doing becomes easier to do
  8. patience and understanding will always get things done faster than anger and hasty words
  9. when you go out to eat, don't order anything, just have a bite of everybody's food. 
  10. saturdays are always "free days" for your diet :)
  11. eat a TON of fruits and vegetables. 
  12. threaten to put flax seed in everyone's food
  13. bear your testimony in everything you do
  14. love love
  15. the first five minutes of a movie are the best. fall asleep after that. 
  16. always put chocolate in a place that is so safe, that you always forget where it is. 
  17. be optimistic and thankful in every situation 
  18. everything has a purpose. where you are. who you meet. it's no accident. 
  19. take pictures of everything. 
  20. you are never too old to learn a talent. or make a friend. 

How to Stay Positive

these may seem really easy and a "no-duh" kinda list, but i promise if you apply these, your life becomes light and happy :) and isn't that what we all want?

  1. Look for a silver-lining. i always hated that phrase and it didn't make sense to me, but i really found that once i looked for something positive in the situation, i became happier and less complainy. ex. i was cleaning carpets for 4 hours today and instead of thinking "well, this sucks" (which i actually did at first) i thought "i'm learning a new skill for when i need to clean my OWN carpets. and i'm getting an arm workout" 
  2. count your blessings.  it's true, people who count their blessings are SO much happier. it's looking on the bright side of things (being happy is a state of mind. your happiness does not depend on what happens around you). ex. my mom totally totaled our van one year when she fell asleep at the wheel. all 6 of her kids were safe. what a blessing! 
  3. Gratitude. showing gratitude is an amazing thing to do. when you get into the habit of doing it, you not only get people thinking, "wow, she is so darn polite!" you also have appreciation for what you have. keep a gratitude journal. write happy things that happened to you. write thank you notes. or just a letter to someone you admire. 
  4. lose the envy i realized that i started hating myself because i wasn't EVERYONE else. Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets.--Clark Moustakas I Love This Link :)
  5. forgive and let go. you will feel so much lighter “Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.” 
     Criss Jami
  6. get involved with your spiritualness. whatever beliefs you have, get into them! i know that when i do what is right, read the words of God, and talk to my God often and sincerely, i feel filled with warm clouds. i know that someone is there for me, taking me through the trials. and that brings more comfort and happiness that anything else. 
  7. serve. we often hear "you'll find yourself when you lose yourself" it is so true. to be selfless you need to think of your self less. (see what i did there?) and when you think of your self less and others more, you will find yourself. and you will find happiness. 
  8. set goals! whether they're academic, spiritual, work-related, or workout-related. a goal gives you motivation. something to live for. it's very exhilarating. 
  9. smile. life is so much better when smiling. no one looks scary smiling (unless it's that creepy 'imma-kill-you' smile... no one likes that smile) smile like you mean it. you are more beautiful when you smile, i'm sure of it. 
  10. Love each moment. each moment is a gift. each one is special and beautiful. find joy and beauty in simply everyday things. like a drive down the road. or talking with a friend. or an avocado-egg sandwich (man, those are good...) 
  11. quit complaining! if you can change it and you're complaining about it, stop complaining and change it! if you can't change it and you're complaining about it, stop complaining because you can't change it! 
  12. be happy about you. i hear daily self-affirmation-things are really good for you. say positive things about yourself. when you look in the mirror, don't think "my hair is messy, i'm fat and wrinkly and bald and dirty and fat fat fat!" don't do it. say positive things to yourself. find what you love about yourself and focus on that. soon the list will grow! my boyfriend hates the sound i made when i looked in the mirror. it was like this "Ugch." (you know that sound) he always tells me i'm beautiful how i am. i focused on my eyes. because i love my eyes. now it's a longer list :)
  13. express love. to your God. to your boyfriend. your dog. your mom. your brother. your best friend. your teacher. your grandma. your savior. let them know you are there for them. let them know how much you appreciate and love them. 
that's all i have! sorry it got so long, i just kept thinking of more ways to be happy! keep smiling everyone. and listen to this --> Elder Busche