Sunday, February 6, 2011


i went around and looked at other blogs. some were people i knew well, and their blog was exactly who they were. some were people i thought i knew, or thought would be a certain way. it's weird to see the mask that everybody puts on at school. and even weirder to see the mask people put on for their blog. so i'll make a promise. i'll be honest, i'll be me, i'll not use my blog to hate on everything. respect the blog ;) respect others. and it doesn't matter if i get 1 follower or 73. this is me. and maybe someone cares and maybe they don't. this is my time and my space to say the things on my mind. and i'm going to use my blog to make myself better. not just to say what happened or complain about my life. so, my dear blog. my dear void. listen. to a girl who is putting her heart out there and hoping that it'll come back stronger and happier than it was before. 

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