Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 9

#9 - i know. i've been a slacker! sorry.... i'll get back on the blogging thing soon! :) today, i want you to try something that you haven't done before. or maybe you don't really like it. you have to be open to new ideas! try something crazy! (please, don't do anything illegal, and if you do and you get caught... don't blame it on my blog!) finding new things to do is exciting and... who knows?.... you could find something you are really passionate about! i use to live over seas (in Tianjin, China) and trying new things was a common occurrence at the dinner table. it's exciting! and new! so try it! :)

well, i tried to play basketball. it's something i've never really tried... i got in there and ran around and lifted my arms and all that jazz. (any jazz fans appreciate the pun? ;) well, i hated it. and i don't think it's something i would ever go into. but ya know, it felt good to kinda just do something. and i didn't score any baskets, but i touched the ball! and that's an accomplishment that i am proud of :) so i am willing to keep on trying new things until i find somthing that i am passionate about. i am determined. resolved. so let's go!

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