Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 10

#10 - this one is open ended... think of a motto for your life. now it just might be the motto for your life right now. heaven knows my life changes and i need a different motto for the changing phases of my life. so think about your life. think about what you want out of this time in your life. whether you just got married, just heard that your best friend died, or you just retired to spend the rest of your life with that one special person you love. there is a motto that everyone lives by.. they just might not put it to words or think about it. it's what you live everyday. it's what you believe in and what you want out of life. :)

alriiiight! my motto is... are you ready? (drumroll please... this is going to be really intense, i don't know if you can handle it... ) my motto is: as long as there is a why to live, you can survive any how. i know... it's really deep and meaningful and it pretty much blows your mind. (it's alright.. i get that reaction a lot) i was reading in my scriptures the other day and i found that sentence scrawled in the margin somewhere. tough things come up and we have challenges and problems. but as long as you have a reason to live, to love, you can get through all that, rise above your faults, and become a better person. my "why" to live is helping others. i know i have the power to help others and lift them up. i live to love and i love to live :)

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