Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 6

#5 this challenge is a little open ended. make someone's day. do whatever you want. but do it for someone else. have you ever had someone tell you that you just made their day? it's like, the best thing in the world. :)  i think when we start losing ourselves in serving eachother, that's when we find who we are. we are here to be happy, learn, and grow. how can we be happy if we don't make others happy? sure x-box, food, cars, whathaveyou, can make you happy. but it's not as lasting as the joy on someone's face when you do something that makes their day. best evah. ;)  people who take themselves too seriously and never do anything for others are lame. haha. they haven't had any fun, they haven't lived. when you live for someone else, you live for yourself too. and it makes your life suddenly worthwhile. so go ahead, make someone's day.. it'll make yours. :)

well.. i was just trying to be a friend to everybody all day. :) which can be very tiring. but! i finally had a plan that would make someone's day! i bought three balloons and wrote all of my favorite memories of jordan (my boyfriend) and i. (i know it sounds super cheesy, but he's kinda silly, so i knew he would love it) and he did :) and i don't know if i made his day... but he made mine. :)

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