Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hamlet - creative writing

a timed writing? i would rather shower with a bear. why can't my desk with "Jeremy loves Kaitlyn" carved into it just get bigger and bigger until it hides me. but Drake swoops down and hands me the dreaded green sheet. Hamlet? i'm supposed to write about Hamlet? who the heck is Hamlet? i read the question i'm supposed to be analyzing over and over again. it makes less sense every time. the words fill my head like a swelling marshmallow being cooked over a fire. but that's all they are. marshmallow. i get a sudden flash of a daydream. it's Drake. she has my brain on a stick and is laughing crazily as she roasts it. i stare at my blank sheet of paper. Hamlet... Hamlet... i wait and wait for a miracle, an epiphany, like a pebble from heaven, to just plop on my head. i watch my GPA as it waves goodbye and slowly tumbles down a hill...
i wonder if the zoo would let me borrow one of their bears... i'm sure we both would like a long shower.

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