Friday, April 1, 2011

Good morning April!

i woke up and it was april. and the world was so... APRIL that i just had to stand for a while and breathe it all in. what does april have in store for me? hope... i hope. when the world wakes up and the sun remembers earth. that's april. how do we forget the miracle that will happen every spring? we know it's coming, but do we see it when it does? the clouds, hot ground, the blue, the blue, the blue. and green. with all the fake tree boughs of winter and the plastic holly, when was the last time i saw green? not a cheep replica, but the fresh green that only earth can make. ah, april :) i believe that i will heal with the earth. i hope i will. scars from winter will melt with snow and i will once again become the beautiful creation God made me as. cheers to april. :)

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