Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 19

# 19 - today is all about the root of all evil. No, it's not money or girls, although those also contribute to evil. It’s pride. When you belittle someone, when you think some one's idea is dumb, when you roll your eyes, when you think you know better. That’s pride. i have been a victim of it many a time. Pride is so subtle; we usually don't even realize we are being prideful. Being humble is being open to new ideas. To admit you were wrong. When you scoff or think badly of others. It’s amazing how pride is really at the bottom of the contention we cause. We must remember that we are no better than anyone else on this earth. God sent us all here for the same reason. He gave different talents to different people. It is especially hard to not be prideful when we think we know better than God. Not doing what we are supposed to makes it look like we know better. Be submissive and humble. You are a little person in a big world. Act like it. Now, don’t beat yourself up and think you are nothing. You are very important and special. Just remember who made you, why you are here, and the importance of others before your own.

this has been a difficult one. i'm trying to catch myself before i stumble into being prideful. it's so sneaky and subtle sometimes. like a tiny criminal ;) there is a delicate balance between ego-centered-jerk and nobody-loves-me. and i'm still trying to find it.

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