Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 18

#18 - this is about the importance of family. some days, they are all you have. and that should be enough. Family goes deeper than friends. they support you always, and they want what is best for you. today, listen to your parents. i know they're old... but they know more than you do about life. be grateful for the family your God has given you. spend time with them. be patient with younger siblings and even more patient with older siblings. i know i am where i am today because of my amazing parents and the example my siblings set for me. :)

my friends were kinda being downers. and i must admit.. their attitude was contagious. :( i want to talk more than just gossip, what i hate, and just stupid things for cheap laughs. but i got home and it was different. i was still unbelievably tired, but i wasn't the snappy-in-your-face-tired.  i was more of the i'm-still-tired-but-just-tired kinda tired. (i'm likin' the hyphens lately:) my family is awesome and my mom is such a support. i didn't know that she noticed i've been having a hard time lately, but she has. and she has done everything she can to help me out :)

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