Thursday, March 31, 2011

Closer - Creative Writing

we hugged. some of my insides shattered. the past was brought fresh to my mind. regrets. mistakes. but i covered them with another thought. it blanketed my errors and guilt. he smiled a sad smile. yes, he was leaving. i turned in the cold air. the door closed. but he looked back before it shut. i took a deep breath and saw my future stretched out before me. shining like a new dime, like my eyes did with tears in them when he left. but the drops that fell down my cheeks now weren't of regret or even of sadness. it was of the new, fresh beginning i had been given. a fresh start with him. i looked around me. the rain had left everything damp and spring-smelling. baptized by early spring showers. a new life. a rebirth. and i felt like we would become better friends. him and i. that after all the time and space between us, we would return. closer.

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