Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 20

#20 - there are so many words that we use in a day. we throw them out without thinking of their meaning. or what they used to mean. words like love, peace, charity. they have become filler words. not really 100% what they used to mean. they are comfortable words. we don't think of the deep emotions that are linked to them. we just think of the letters that make up the simple words that fit into the empty spaces in our paper and our hearts. i'm sick of words. typing, writing, texting, talking, thinking. we can't escape them. everything i do is based on words. how do you feel? what do you think? words words words. my eyes scan over the familiar shapes of the letters. my brain already forming words and the ideas they represent. my fingers click out the keys, so familiar with their placement and the letters on them. but are there really words for everything in life? so many moments and precious experiences are ruined by trying to put them into words. there might be words to describe the half-dream feeling, or a kiss, or catching someone's eye and something happens... but we don't have those words yet. the feeling of true peace or the sorrow and clenching of your heart. there aren't words for that. only cliches and tired words like: fuzzy, heart-break, warm, and sparks. try communicating without words. put all emotion and meaning in your eyes and body. be your words. they say so much more than words. words are man's poor excuse for expression. how can the beauty of the ocean be captured in the word "ocean"? or the delicate features of a spider be explained in the word "spider"? when we hear these words, we imagine what they are. when i say "red" the color comes to your mind. but the whole of the thing gets lost. the details, the memories, the beauty, the true simplicity of it. what it is can't be captured in any word we have. only in the sight and the feel of it.

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