Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lyrics of the day! Wide Open - Brightwood

ok, so i adore this song. it makes my heart hurt it's so beautiful. it just sounds so intimate and wonderful and sincere. :) i couldn't find it on playlist which made me cry! :'( so i'm posting it for you! (i look out for you guys, don't worry.) i just want to feel so sure about something like this. i just want to sing and just know that i love someone like this. "forever, i'll love you. just say you'll love me too. say you love me." 

A small town, a little money,
A gold heart, and a basket of sweets,

Could she be happy 
Could she be sincere
Could this be true love
because it feels so real.

Waiting till the timing's right
To tell her how he feels inside,
But will I, how can I,
I have to let her know,

When he said" I love you, girl, "
He caught her with her eyes half-opened,
But did he, he loves me,
I think I feel it, too

A few years later, up all night,
Making conversations in a car,
Left it running to keep out the cold,

Could we belong here 
Could he be the one  
Could this be forever
 because it feels so real.

When I said, "I loved you, girl,"
I said it with my heart wide-open,
But will I, how can I,
Yeah, there's no turning back,
 Stay with me forever, girl,
Because I could never be without you,
Forever, I'll love you,
Just say you love me, too.

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