Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 17

#17 - today is kinda a silly one.... you know when you pretend that you're in a movie? or in a music video? i know you have so don't try to deny it. ;) i want you to that today. even if you feel stupid. especially if you feel stupid. so, find a song that describes you today. and be a i'm-sad-and-upset-about-something-so-i'm-going-to-look-dramatically-out-of-a-rain-splattered-taxi-window-montage, or a i-just-got-kissed-running-through-the-daffodil-strewn-feild-scene. be dramatic. stare off into the distance. even do a thing where you change outfits and you're singing right into the camera and leaning against a wall. you've seen enough music videos to get crazy and imaginative with this ;) the main point of this exercise is to reach our inner child and just experience what we feel. embrace your mood today. :)

this day was a german-disco-party-hyper feel. :) it was super fun.. i drove with my friend down an unfamiliar street with the windows down. pretending i was in one of those crazy-dance-montage-music-videos. :) it was so much fun. i concentrated on a laugh. i experienced it to its full extent. i sang until my throat hurt. (much to my choir teacher's dismay) i even did a couple costume changes. ;) although i don't think my chamber dress fits the party-all-day-feel. ;) 

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  1. You know, I'm gonna do this. It sounds super fun and I've never thought of doing it before. :) PS loved your last post. I've actually seen that video before. Pretty sweet. Thanks for the reminder of being true to my own beauty. :)