Sunday, June 26, 2011

deeper than emotion

what is freedom? is it passed from generation to generation? is it a feeling or thought? is it a way of life or just a way of shrugging off a a heavy guilt? freedom is fought by everyone who yearns for it. it is a desire of grandfathers, mothers, sons. it is an idea that is carried on the back of sacrifice and hard work. it is paid for by the blood and lives of young men, the tears of widows and son-less mothers. the letters sent home before the coffins. words written home, still fiery-eyed with the excitement of fighting for something more than yourself. bigger than you. we all fight for freedom. freedom for our country, freedom from cancer, from abuse, from sadness and for the freedom to just be you. our legacy hangs on the walls of this country. a banner of those who fought and fought. a reminder of those who lost. a moment of flags and music and standing in honor. and also examples of those who won. a cheerful drum, a swell and triumphant heart. our freedom is a symbol of who we want to be and a reminder of where we were. we have fought with angels on our side, with guardians and lions. our freedom has been protected throughout the ages, ever in the background. comforting and always there. it is in every flag, in every vote, in every drum, in every uniform. but is also in the faces of the young, the healed, and the saved. it is in the blood of all of those who have felt the stir in their hearts as they pledge their energy, love, and life to the country and what it stands for. hand over heart, but heart wide open. it is more than just a word, more than a way of life, it is deeper than emotion, and stronger than any feeling.

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