Sunday, June 5, 2011

Colors according to Kelly

orange always reminds me of changing and this one evening in michigan with my friends where we played hide and seek on a golf course.
green makes me think of myself and a huge field that never ends. like from Witch of Blackbird Pond
pink always reminds me of sunsets and my cousin Ellie who, in a family of rough boys, is the girliest girl i know.
purple makes me think of Sarah Lizzio. even though she is in michigan and i barely talk to her anymore, it always reminds me of her. it also reminds me of Ursala from little mermaid and grape flavors. which are the best. 
blue reminds me of jordan unless it's deep blue and in that case it reminds me of the rainbow fish.
yellow reminds me of those annoying smiley faces everywhere. it also reminds me of dandelions which are probably the best flower in the world.
red reminds me of hearts. and cool-aid.
white makes me think of clouds and that long staircase which is apparently heaven. also of daisies which reminds me of the great gatsby. also it reminds me of tampon commercials and a michael jackson song.
black makes me think of the night which is my favorite time of day.

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