Thursday, April 14, 2011

who we are

people are creatures of love and hate. they need love. they need the feeling that someone cares and would be willing to put you above their ego and selfish desires. can we only love once? what a joy to think that no matter how many times you break off a bit of your love and give it to some one else, your supply is never empty.  love is the only thing that increases as you give it away. but we must learn to love. the natural man would put his wants and needs above helping and loving others. to find and learn love, we must listen to our souls. our souls are pure and want what's right over what's comfortable. we must learn to love wholly, unconditionally, and universally. to accept and search for love. love is something we knew completely in a different life, but now true love feels like trying to remember a dream. almost there, but slipping. but i dream of it every night. i know it's there. my job now is to have faith, take a stand, walk up to the edge, and jump in.


  1. I very much enjoyed this. I love how you said "love is something we knew completely in a different life," and "trying to remember a dream". It was fantastic.

    Also, I enjoy how you make certain words and phrases different sizes and colors. The size thing is something I've started applying to my own blog. So thank you :)

  2. I forgive you for completely copying my blog ;) haha but thanks, it's nice to know someone reads this stuff. Haha your blog is my favorite though. You are a god of words.