Friday, July 29, 2011

a tired heart

you might have the rest of the world believing that you are beat, but i'm not convinced. you say you are at you lowest, with no hope, all alone. but i know different. i know the world feels like it has fallen upon you and has broken into pieces and all you have to put it back together is your tired and worn out heart. but you have my heart as well. and if ours beat together, this broken world we live in might not seem like such a mess. i will strengthen your heart with mine and then you will know what i know. that you are more than this world. you are deeper than this world makes you feel. and when you awake and turn your eyes inward and see the glow coming off you, you will learn that your heart is enough. your soul is enough. and our two souls and hearts are more than enough. so lets stay close and pick up each piece and maybe in the rubble we will find hearts and souls that beat like ours. and then this broken world won't seem so lonely. maybe it won't even feel so broken

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