Sunday, July 17, 2011

content of our character

if i burst into a thousand pieces what would be found? what would sum up who i've been during this life? if you found me on the ground, would you stop and try to see who i was by the bits that made me up? a thousand shreds of colored paper and half-written love songs. three thousand laughs broken next to midnight stars and sprouted seeds. dandelions and raindrops mixed in with the somewhat remembered dreams, the kind where i know i can fly, but just can't get off the ground. kisses lying next to the torn pillows and clouded nights where you and i would watch the evening swirl around us. every moment caught in an image that made up who i am, now scattered across the floor, broken where i was left, my charm bracelets, wish bones, books and colors to be mingled with the shoes of those passing by. my heart a cloth now threadbare with the touch of those i love. my mind, wrapped wire, strong and durable, full of possibilities. but as i lie, a thousand odds and ends on the ground, i know that when you join me as a pile of moments beside me. you will be there, making my odds even and my ends just beginnings.

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