Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20 Things I Learned From My Mom

  1. disrespect doesn't get you anywhere
  2. serving others is the quickest way to happiness
  3. be loud at all sport games, parades, and family outings
  4. make funny faces behind people as they are talking to other people. it's fun :D
  5. if someone says "merry christmas" too many times, it is acceptable to tell them to shut up
  6. when a really good song is playing, you are allowed to dance in the car, grocery store, or the kitchen counter
  7. that which you persist in doing becomes easier to do
  8. patience and understanding will always get things done faster than anger and hasty words
  9. when you go out to eat, don't order anything, just have a bite of everybody's food. 
  10. saturdays are always "free days" for your diet :)
  11. eat a TON of fruits and vegetables. 
  12. threaten to put flax seed in everyone's food
  13. bear your testimony in everything you do
  14. love love
  15. the first five minutes of a movie are the best. fall asleep after that. 
  16. always put chocolate in a place that is so safe, that you always forget where it is. 
  17. be optimistic and thankful in every situation 
  18. everything has a purpose. where you are. who you meet. it's no accident. 
  19. take pictures of everything. 
  20. you are never too old to learn a talent. or make a friend. 

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