Thursday, February 9, 2012

spring cleaning

i open the trunk in my heart,
inside are blankets.
some are old, threadbare, but still so warm.
beautiful quilts. still being added to. 
love that has strong stitching and has always been there for me.
my parents
my God.
other blankets are heavy.
but take away the warmth.

jilted love.
bitter feelings.
these waste space in my precious box.
i let them go.
and my box is lighter and has more room for my precious quilts
some are just beginnings of blankets.
i'm not sure how they will turn out
new love.
there are also many many other blankets
one's i have stitched.
waiting for me to give them out
to warm others
to have and to hold

i open the attic in my mind,
what a mess!
i dust off some objects,
smiling as i realize their shape
i open the windows,
throwing everything into sharp relief
i continue cleaning.
some half finished things i bring downstairs.
to complete
and show the world what i have to offer
some things i'm afraid to touch
disgusted of their existence here.
i throw them out.
turning in shame
some of the silly things in here make me laugh again
i've learned a lot since.
i put new things up here.
hopefully only good things.
new ideas
there is so much space now.
devoid of dusty, dark objects

and the spring light streams through the windows
filling all the corners.

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