Monday, May 16, 2011

Nearer, My God, To Thee - day 28

#28 - do something nice for someone you think is having a harder time than you. we are all going through our own personal battles. you may think someone is doing alright, but they might not be. you just need to treat everyone with a special kindness that all human beings deserve. even the cashier at wall-mart or the bus driver. when you ask "how are you?" the automatic answer is "good" or "i'm fine" do we ask that question because we actually care? or do we ask it because it's just something you say to fill a silence? let every word count. someone might need to hear what you say. they might need your love, your attention, your concern, your prayers. be sincere. be kind. because whatever you're going through, your battle that you are fighting, there is always someone fighting a worse one, and the wounds might be covered behind a mask. so do something that shows you care. give your time, your understanding, patient friendship, your advice, your comfort. live for someone else today.

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